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@_rchaves_ If you’d like to contribute, here is the github link:

@_rchaves_ Now I feel I see lots of content that are not really original content from my followers, but somewhat popular tweets from people I don’t care

Twitter became Facebook right under our noses, I want to go back

@_rchaves_ I feel that all this together with having a normal feed (not algorithmic) caused people to be on twitter to create and read more original content, from people they discovered and chose to follow directly

@_rchaves_ Also there was no like button, well there was favorite but this was just for yourself, it wouldn’t show on other’s feed, and it was not that popular first, so if you liked something you had to say it, with words - wow so much work!

@_rchaves_ Also, twitter now is more passive, you can just scroll and like or RT easily, without giving much though to it

Before you had to copy and paste the tweet to do a RT, and you put your face to it so your followers really knew it was you repeating something

@_rchaves_ Back then if you did want to share a link or an image you had a cost: first is the 140 limit, you had to upload the image somewhere, use a link shortener

Then because it was mostly text with no embedding, followers wouldn’t click the link, so words were your best weapon

@_rchaves_ Why?

Twitter was more about text, now there are lots of videos, images, links, threads (like this one), the UI now is a lot busier and the cognitive load is way higher

@_rchaves_ 🎉 Now you can go back to the Good Ol' Twitter 🎉

I’ve rebuilt twitter circa 2011 for all you nostalgic people

Check it out: